Bed Bugs (Wall Louse, Mahogany Flat, Crimson Rambler, Heavy Dragoon, Redcoat)

Bed Bugs (Wall Louse, Mahogany Flat, Crimson Rambler, Heavy Dragoon, Redcoat)

Cimex lectularius linnaeus

There are 6 recognised subfamilies of Cimicidae and up to 23 genera, while the number of species has been stated as up to 108. Most species only feed on humans when they do not have another food source.

The Cimex lectularius is best adapted to human enviroments. It is found in temperate climates around the world and feeds on blood.

Adult bedbugs are reddish brown, oval, flattened and wingless. Adults grow to 4-5mm(about the size of an apple seed) in length and do not move quickly enough to escape the attention of an observer.

Bedbugs are attracted by heat and presence of carbon dioxide, they normally are active just before dawn and their peak feeding time is about an hour before sunrise. They do not generally carry diseases and they are highly chemical resistant.

All bedbugs mate via a process termed traumatic insemination, instead of the males inserting their genitalia into the females reproductive tract as in typical copulation, males instead pierce females with hypodermic genitalia and ejactulate into the body cavity.

Not all people will react to bedbug bites and that the presence of itchy welts can not be used as the only indicator of a home infestation. It is possible for an initial infestation in a house to grow rapidly being undetected because of this.

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