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Integrated Pest Management is a friendly family operated business - providing dedicated pest control services in Wellington for over 20 years. Having done most of his initial training in New Zealand before then heading overseas to do advanced training in America, Brian is the most qualified pesty in New Zealand.

Brian Clifford is the founder of Integrated Pest Management, and is well known as one of New Zealand's most qualified pest control experts. Brian's knowledge of pests, their habits, and their correct treatment has seen him provide advice and opinion for various organisations such as ONE News. Brian's expertise is only equaled by his passion for the pest control business - which has been included in or inspired various articles on motivation and 'career passion'.

'Life in the Passion Zone'
Life in the Passion Zone
by Michael Fitzsimons, Nigel Beckford and Cassandra Gaisford

Life in the Passion Zone includes an article on
Brian Clifford, his working philosophy, and his passion and history of working with creepy crawlies.
'Life in the Passion Zone' hosted at The Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HIRNZ) website

ONENews Clip

'Flea problems jump due to humid weather'

Brian Clifford from Integrated Pest Management appears in thisONE News feature on the jump in the national flea populationin 2009.

TVNZ ONE NEWS: Flea problems jump due to humid weather

TVNZ News Article

'Argentine ants taking over'

When ONE News investigated the spread of the Argentine ant around Wellington and New Zealand, and whether a widespread eradication programme will be successful in getting rid of the ants - they sought expert advice form Brian Clifford and Integrated Pest Management.

TVNZ Website News Article

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